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About Ryan Ray

Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership Chairman & CEO                                                                

Building ‘Compensated Communities’ of educated, empowered individuals who encourage, love, and support one another in our pursuit of worthy goals and dreams.

Like many of you, Ryan Ray began his journey with a dream.  Passionately motivated to positively influence the lives of others, he has dedicated his life to service and giving.  His life mission is to inspire others through servant leadership.   

Ryan has formed his own company, Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership.  The company’s mission is to create a safe-haven for entrepreneurs to grow and develop, as well as a platform for experts share their knowledge and expertise.  Ryan has also created his own personal development program titled ‘Excellence2Success’.  He believes that you truly can live the life you’ve always wanted.  He teaches that the ‘Pursuit of Excellence produces the Satisfaction of Success & Significance’.  The program teaches timeless, life-changing principles to anyone who desires to capture success.

Ryan’s leadership skills have been instrumental in developing several programs in his community and he serves as a Mentor/Coach to many!

To build a community of educated, empowered, purpose-driven leaders who
collaborate to build profitable, sustainable business models. 

To create a culture of ‘cooperation’, not competition. To meet entrepreneurs
where they are and help them to discover their purpose; To educate through
seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship, mastermind groups, online
learning, and more.                         

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